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Many straight guys --my Dad, uncles and brothers, friends, co-workers and clients-- have all taught me a great deal about what it means to be a man.  Giving back, as an ally to the male soul,  a part of what makes my counseling work satisfying to me.

Men who are straight


Straight guys who go to counseling can feel that they have a built-in disadvantage just because they are different from women in how they communicate, solve problems or view the world. 


The opinions and images that saturate our media make it clear that men are now basically seen as a problem. On the one hand, the call is for more sensitivity. On the other, the command is "Man up!" A great many males are understandably confused about who they are supposed to be, especially under stress.


Male-affirmative counseling honors and builds on your natural masculine strengths rather than pathologizing them. It recognizes the pressures that come with the territory. It looks for skills you already possess, to bring them to bear on your current issue.

Some men I have collaborated with on wife or girlfriend issues have returned at a later time, to answer another challenge in their lives.  This vote of confidence encourages me in my work as an ally to the male soul.

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