Men who are gay



Gay men have special experiences that need to be understood and respected. Their male souls usually travel an alternate route toward maturity. One that's not so well marked out or straightforward. And because they often felt like outsiders, they can underestimate or resist how much they have in common with their straight brothers.


Having a prominent gay community, as the Bay Area does, can be a big plus. But, to be frank, gay culture is not always so wise in pointing out how to bring out the best in men.

My male-affirmative approach has nothing to do with superficially “butching it up.” It's about honoring all of who you are: who you've become and who you can be. It's about recognizing strengths you already have and may not give yourself credit for.

It's also about seeing your current "problem" with relationship, work, sexuality, mood, etc --as painful as it is--as a challenge that can bring you to the next step in becoming the man you're meant to be.

I especially like to support gay men in partnerships, as well as men who are having a hard time finding a sense of belonging in their community.




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