Men without labels


Some men just don't like to be forced into groups.  They resist feeling pigeon-holed or put in a box, be it a political one or a sexual one.

I work with guys as individuals, so I feel no need to encourage them to sign up for any label they don't choose for themselves.

My allegiance is to the truth of the male soul and its individual development, not to any kind of sexual or political "correctness."



Parking is typical for San Francisco.  The F streetcar stops at Sanchez, the Church Street subway station is 1 block away, the Castro Street station a 2 block/5 minute walk.



415. 305. 8078



201 Sanchez   [@ Market]

San Francisco, CA 94114

California Board of Behavioral Sciences:  Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #37350
California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists:  Member since 1994
KAP Professionals: serving adults with alternative sexualities.


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