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Unlike his perfect David, this great unfinished work of Michelangelo reveals  the reality, energy and struggle of men becoming who they're meant to be.

What is AndroTherapy?


It’s a way of counseling that’s fundamentally positive about men and supportive of the male soul.


Andro+therapy comes from Greek; it means Man+healing.

It's not a special technique, but it's rare enough in the world of psychotherapy to deserve a clear mention. All too often now, just being male is seen as problem, as some kind of pathology. We hear about "male privilege" and "toxic masculinity", etc.

I reject all of that. 

A man handles a challenge better to the extent that he feels strong, confident, competent and trustworthy.


I work to help a man to recognize these qualities in himself and encourage their further growth as an integral part of working through whatever problem brings him to contact me.


That is what I mean by being an ally to the male soul.





Manhood is like a constellation: composed of many stars of varying places and intensity that make a whole. No single man can embody them all; each of us incarnates several of them as our unique contribution to the  larger male tribe, without which the world cannot function.



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