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I work with individual adult men (18+) as well as with men in partnership (singly or together).

I work in short-to-mid term problem solving as well as open ended depth work for issues that need more time.

A once-per-week session of 50 minutes is the normal pace of work that I prefer. Longer sessions for couples can be arranged, if desired.




There are different schools of thought about whether or not to publish fees on the web, outside a conversation. Since counseling is about dealing with what's real, I prefer to be upfront about it.  My customary fee is one hundred and fifty dollars per 50-minute hour. This is standard among therapists of my license and years of experience in San Francisco.

I do not take insurance.  Why? In order to authorize treatment, insurance programs will require that I diagnose you with a mental health disorder and that I make regular reports to them about you; all this will remain on your lifetime medical record.
I prefer a more reliably confidential way of working. In this day and age, the privacy of electronic records is not guaranteed. Importantly, too, in my view, a problem ≠ a mental illness.
But if your provider reimburses you for "out of network" services, I am happy to provide documentation.

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