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Are you being stressed 
with relationships,
with moods
or with work?

These common challenges are the reasons men usually contact me.


You've probably tried the usual, and admirable, male route of handling it by yourself.  But if that's not working for you,  maybe it's time to connect with an experienced and professional male-affirmative ally.

Other male challenges I work with include:


  • sexual questions

  • dark or unsettling moods

  • losses, tough changes, feeling stuck

  • self-sabotaging habits

  • doubts or fears about yourself

  • aging or illness

  • meaning and spiritual life

Our job is to build on what you've already done, develop more skills and uncover the resources in yourself to move through this period in your life, taking another step toward becoming the man you are meant to be.

In confidential alliance with a professional who knows the territory and treats you with respect, you can change a problem into a possibility.

For 20+ Years

gay, straight, or unlabeled.

CA Licensed
Marriage & Family Therapist

Contact me
at 415-305-8078

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